£30 per week
paid weekly
age 7 - adult

Includes psycho-education, memory techniques and literacy teaching, building on the students strengths. 

This will be delivered via the following method:

  • Students will have an initial meeting via webcam (ezTalks) with a parent present if applicable to help them understand the process and the apps that they will need for their learning

  • Each week the students will receive some tasks to complete via a tutoring app (edmodo). Three task will be in preparation for the next lesson and one task will be for practice of what they have learnt in the previous session

  • The tutoring app also enables the student to message me during the week about their learning and for me to check in with the student to make sure they are able to complete the tasks and to offer support where needed. 

  • Each week we will engage in a 45 minute lesson via web camera through a tutoring app which will consolidate the tasks that the student has been asked to do before the session. 

  • The tasks that will be set for the student to do will be explained and will be supported through the week by me via the tutoring app.

  • The tutoring app enables parents to also have a login as well as the student. This enables parents to have full access to all of the communications between me and their child and also can message me with any questions too. 

  • For an extra £10 month, parents can also have access to web-based activities which will support visual processing issues and phonological awareness issues, both of which are common issues for dyslexics

Students will receive:

  • an informal assessment at the beginning 

  • a bespoke curriculum based on their individual needs

  • a termly report

Create a Culture 

Online small group tutorials

£6 per session per child
paid per session
age 7 - 11

This is a 10 week project where your child will be guided through a range of activities which will immerse them in all the exciting elements that make up a culture. 

By designing their own culture, and exploring it and the cultures other group members design, they will understand how history, geography, rituals, communications and other topics are important to how cultures develop, change and grow. 

Each child will be assigned to a small group of no more than 6. If they have friends who they want to be in a group with, I can make sure that works out. 

The project will be delivered via the following method:

  • Students and their parents will each have an individual web camera session with me for about 20 mins for me to explain what we are going to be doing and how it is going to work. 

  • The group will meet via web camera in my virtual classroom once a week for a 45 min session where we will discuss the tasks that they have completed since our last session and be set other tasks to do which will help them develop their cultures. During these sessions they will also be supported to find out about each other's cultures, ask questions and try to understand the things that are different and similar about each other's cultures.

  •  In between each session they will be able to post on a message board (edmodo) which is private for their particular group, about their cultures and the tasks that have been set for that week. Parents will be able to monitor this. I will be facilitating all conversations. 

The students will be able to immerse themselves in their imagination enough for them to feel engaged in something outside of their home and for it to be a distraction of sorts from any concerns they may have at this time. 

At the end of the project, students will receive a certificate from Neurons which takes note of all the aspects of learning that they have taken part in so that their schools can take this learning into account. 

Key Skills

Online small group tutorials

£6 per session per person
paid per session
£12 one off payment for ASDAN registration and certification
age 10 - 14

This is an ASDAN course which if completed can achieve an ASDAN certificate and credits. 

Students must complete 30 hours of challenges, these hours are not all online with me, they will include a lot of their own activities too. 

Students can choose as many as they want from the following modules:

  • Identity

  • Community

  • Health

  • Citizenship

  • Environment

  • Personal finance

  • Enterprise

  • Values

  • International

Students will assigned to small groups which will meet online once a week, facilitated by me. 

Students will also have access to a messaging and resources tutoring app where they can support each other with their challenges whilst also being supported in-between session by me through the app too. The app will also give access to resources for their activities which I will create and put up for them. 

Lifeskills Challenges for young people facing barriers to education


£30 per week per person
age 10 - 18
Bespoke packages of challenges for each student which enables them to engage with lifeskills education in a way that is tailored to them.
The packages can consist of lifeskills such as cooking and hygiene through to academic skills such as geography and English.
The skills are set at a level suitable for the student from pre-entry level through to Entry Level 3.
The course will be delivered in the following way:
1:1 online tutoring sessions through web camera (ezTalks)
Weekly tasks and resources set through the tutoring app 'edmodo' which also enables parents, students and me to communicate with each other through the week too if needed. 
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